Printers - Read Me

For using our Printers, you'll need a CIIMAR user account only. 

Before attempting to install any printer, you need to be connected by Ethernet cable or using CIIMAR WiFi Network and you also must have a CIIMAR username and password.

Please open a ticket requesting a CIIMAR Login.

If you already had the old system (before May 2022), you still need to check our tutorials in this Knowledge Base 

If this is the first time that you are going to use the Printers System, (any system, old and new), this users must login at (internal access only), and click Generate Card Activation Code (Only need to do this step one time when you approach the card for the first time on any printer).

Other users, that already have their cards associated in this platform, may got directly to the tutorial PDF.

Read the tutorial for your Operating System (Windows, MacOS or Linux).